Top Microsoft PowerPoint Add-ins
Top PowerPoint Add-Ins

Top Microsoft PowerPoint Add-ins

Plugins are the additional features of any application. We can add plugins from third-party software. The add-ins extend the functionality of the software. In Microsoft Powerpoint, you can also insert add-ins and extend the fungibility of PowerPoint. To add the add-ins, Open PowerPoint, choose insert tab, click on Get Add-ins, search and install the plugin. Thre are hundreds of Add-Ins are available in Microsoft App Source.

1. Emoji Keyboard

Emoji is in top Add-Ins in Microsoft AppSource. It is especially for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and OneNote. It provides more than 1300 emoji. you can add as objects like text or image. You can insert it in a different size. The emoji add-ins provided by Especially, it works in OneNote Online, PowerPoint 2013 SP1+, PowerPoint 2016+, PowerPoint, 2016 for Mac, PowerPoint Online, Word 2013 SP1+, Word 2016+, Word 2016 for Mac, and Word Online.

Key Features of Emoji Keyboard

  • More than 1300 emoji.
  • Emoji can insert as text or as images in a different size.
  • Skin tone can modify.
  • The user manual is also available.

2. Mentimeter- Interactive Presentation

The Mentimeter– Interactive Presentation engage your audience with full fun and interactive presentation. It is especially for powerpoint. It is also the popular add-ins, More than 25 million people all over the world already used. Both premium and free versions are available. It is best to ask multiple choice question for the audience vote. The Addin

Key Features of Mentimeter

  • Unlimited audience size also in free account.
  • Create an unlimited presentation using mentimeter.
  • More than 15 different ways to visualize your audience’s input: Open-Ended questions, Word Clouds, Q&A, Pie, Donut and Spider charts, among others. Customize the audience interaction to suit your needs!.
  • Segment the votes based on previous answers to discover unexpected trends between different groups in the audience
  • Reuse the same questions to see how the answers develop over time. Perfect to follow up on your team’s performance

3. Pixabay Images

Pixaby Images is the image add-ins to add free images from Pixaby. Especially, the add-ins work with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. The add-ins support the PowerPoint 2013 SP1+, PowerPoint 2016+, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, PowerPoint Online, Word 2013 SP1+, Word 2016+, Word 2016 for Mac, and Word Online. Similarly, the add-in is a free service using a huge image database library. You can find most of the searched image.

Key Features of Pixaby Images

  • Unlimited free images.
  • Insert any image in your slide or document.
  • Add any image in one click

4. Officeatwork | Template Chooser for Office

Officeatwork is an easy way to discover, find, use and manage your own templates in Microsoft PowerPoint and other Microsoft applications. In the same way, you can easily find the templates in your document. Especially, the add-ins support the Excel for iPad, PowerPoint for iPad, Word for iPad, Excel 2013+, Excel 2016+, Excel 2016 for Mac, Excel Online, PowerPoint 2013+, PowerPoint 2016+, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, powerpoint Online, Project 2013 SP1+, Project 2016+, Word 2013+, Word 2016+, Word 2016 or Mac, Word Online. It is the best template provide add-inn.

Key Features

  • Simplifying templates discovery
  • Template segmentation
  • Ease of use
  • x-platforms
  • x-Devices
  • Innovation

5. QR4Office

QR4Office is a QR-creation app. The app adds QR image code in your Office documents. Especially, It works with PowerPoint for iPad, Word for iPad, Excel 2013+, Excel 2016 for Mac, Excel Online, PowerPoint 2013+, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, Word 2013+, Word Online

Features of QR4Office

  • You can customize the size, background, and color.
  • You can add a QR code image in the document.

6. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock Add-ins is a picture add-in for PowerPoint. Especially, the plugins work in PowerPoint 2016+, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, and PowerPoint Online. You can easily search the image by category or keyword and insert into the PowerPoint.

Key Features of Adobe Stock

  • 30 days of a free trial.
  • Easily search image.
  • Access existing account without leaving powerpoint.

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