How to Jump Specific Powerpoint Slide in Slide View?
How to Go Specific Powerpoint Slide Presentation in Slide View

How to Jump Specific Powerpoint Slide in Slide View?

Sometimes you have to jump a specific slide in your presentation. You have to present a specific slide more than one times. Normally, In this condition, you have to make an idea to solve the problem without scape the slide show. To solve the problem There is a simple method you have to apply.

Method 1

If you have to know the hyperlink method, it is the best option to jump one slide to another slide. First, create the slides as per your requirement. Insert the text or object in the slide from where you want to jump specific slide. Create hyperlink and link the specific slide. Show your slide and click the link object or text where you want to go from the present slide.

Method 2

The second method is a very easy method. To use this method, create your final presentation slides. Show your presentation slide, If you want to go specific slide then press the slide number then press enter key.

Method 3

Prepare your final slide. Show your presentation. Press Ctrl + S button. Choose the slide from the list which you want to jump.

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